Purely and Infamously "Out of Bounds"

March 2021

You know kids...(maybe even you, were once a kid), where an adult says, "don't touch it, that's hot"? Like every proverbial youngster, what did they do: they...touched it. Another common adult phrase might enforce a stern coloring book lesson, "stay in the lines".

Stay in the lines, are you kidding me, that's not "art". It's with great disobedience -as an adult- I can confidently break these rules in my upcoming body of work. For my upcoming show at the Hot Shops Art Center for the month of June, I'm jumping "Out of Bounds". My intention is to let the design and pigment actually leap, out of bounds onto another canvas or canvases and become, yet, another work of art. 

...more to come on this as we dial-in the dates/times.

Careful...it's HOT